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Achieve professional looking eyeliner results with this genius triple-sided guide. Three distinct sides, each designed for a different look, will help provide a steady hand and make it easy to create liner symmetry. This product includes a five times magnifying mirror and suction cup that allows the compact to placed on any hard surface. Place the flexible, silicone guide above or below the eye as you apply mascara to keep makeup intact and mascara only on your lashes.

To get a dark and sultry look: -Create a thick line for the upper wing using the curvaceous side, with the curved point directed towards the tear duct. -Use the guide to help you apply a thick, perfect line extending out into your cat eye flick.

To get a cat eye flick: -Place the straight-laced edge along the angle created by the lower lid to act as a guide for your cat eye look.

To create “mo-dern” appeal: -Step back into time with this 60’s look by creating a super thick line starting with a cat eye flick using the straight-laced side. -Then extend and thicken the liner from the lash line to the crease.

To create a triple threat eye look: -Hold the short round end to guide a brush tip liner pen to create thin, individual winged lines.

To use as a mascara defender: -Place the straight-laced side on the skin below and above lashes before applying mascara to guard against smudges.

For lip liner looks: -Use the curvaceous side to guide lip liner just a smudge over the natural lip line, making lips look fuller.


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