Itsukano Sekken Bar Soap

Itsukano Sekken Bar Soap

Itsukano Sekken Bar Soap
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Itsukano Sekken Bar Soap
Itsukano Sekken Bar Soap
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A deep cleansing bar soap that moisturises skin and tackle stubborn black heads for a brighter looking skin. 

-Protease: an enzyme that helps to digest different kinds of proteins. The human skin is made of protein and regenerates to create a new layer of skin. However with age, the regeneration speed decreases and keratin (dead skin cells) starts to get stuck - leading to dull skin. Protease breaks down the keratin on the top layer of the skin which makes your new skin smoother.

- Coconut oil: rich with Lauric Acid , similar to skin's sebum. Helps to clean the pores while moisturising the skin and does not leave your skin feeling tight.

- 23 Types of Multi-Element Ingredients: Work together to maintain skin's condition. (Silicon, Aluminium, Iron, Potassium, Natrium, Calcium, Magenesium, Titanium, Palium, Zirconium, Phosphorus, Argon, Maganese, Strontium, Rubidium, Niobium, Zinc, Thorium, Gallium, Lead, Palladium, Tungsten and Yttrium) 


Sekken Soji(JTN), Glycerin, Silica, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Protease, Aluimina, Iron Oxides, Water, Etidronic Acid.

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