Gloss & Repair Treatment

Gloss & Repair Treatment

Gloss & Repair Treatment

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Gloss & Repair Treatment
Gloss & Repair Treatment
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The new Himawari Gloss & Repair series focuses on achieving lustrous, silky hair while rectifying “hair imbalance” which causes waves, kinks and dryness in hair, cultivating tame, manageable hair. The treatment is formulated with highly concentrated*7 Premium Sunflower EX which corrects the hair’s internal lipid and moisture balance, cultivating hair that is glossy and smooth, and less prone to waves, kinks, dryness, and expansion even under humid conditions.

●Formulated with Premium Sunflower Oil EX (damage repair ingredient + moisture keep + moisture retention & gloss ingredient)
Newly formulated with Sunflower Shine Lipid), a moisture retention & gloss ingredient which carries moisture despite being an oil. It retains the hair’s internal moisture while enhancing its appearance, promoting lustrous, smooth hair.
●Wave Control Formula
Rectifies lipid & moisture balance. Promoting wave-free hair. Conditioner and treatment are formulated with Honey & Coating Oil (moisture retention & coating ingredient). Controls the water content within the hair, thus preventing waves and kinks caused by humidity changes such as rain.
●Damage Sensor Function
Evens out the bumps on the hair’s surface, creating a smooth foundation for easier penetration of damage repair ingredients, enabling concentrated repair on targeted damaged areas.
●Shampoo is created with a non-silicone formula. Clear type.
●All products are made with a sulfate-free formula. (Sulfuric acid-based surfactant-free)
●Lively, gorgeously clear Sparkling Floral scent.

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