Good Bye Danny (Bed Bug)

Good Bye Danny (Bed Bug)

Good Bye Danny (Bed Bug)

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Good Bye Danny (Bed Bug)
Good Bye Danny (Bed Bug)
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Good Bye Bed Bugs, Hello Safe & Peaceful Slumber!

An adhesive patch that is placed in various parts of the home to lure, capture and eliminate live bedbugs, mites and ticks.

  • The ingredient 'Citral' (Food Additive) that is inside the <Super Adhesive Material> lures the bed bugs/ticks/mites 
  • The outer layer <non-woven fabric> and <urethane foam> creates a 3D mechanism/structure that will not let go of the bed bugs/ticks/mites once it enters!
  • The recommended maximum duration is 2 months as it would reach max capacity of number of bed bugs/ticks/mites will be caught. Please replace a new one then
  • ZERO chemical substances that are harmful to humans and animals
  • Carefully thought out mechanism/structure that easily lets bedbugs in, but they can never escape!

  • 3 non-woven fabric, 

    2 urethane foam, 

    1 super adhesive material

 How to Use

For 1 single bed, place 2 'sayonara Danny' sheets with around 1m distance from each other on the top and bottom of the bed. It can also be used in between the mattress and mattress cover.

The product can also be used in various places in the home:

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Sofa
  • Tatami
  • Drawers
  • Carpet
  • Utility Box
  • Car

★ The distance of 1m is for the best results to capture the highest number of bed bugs/ticks/mites.

The product includes a sticker that allows you to know when to replace the sheet.

Things to Note

  • Please do not use this product besides its recommended usage
  • Please use the product after you have opened it
  • Depending on the environment it is used, the effect may vary
  • If the product causes any reactions please stop using immediately.
  • Please do not place where the product will come in direct contact with your skin or near the reach of pets and children
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Please do not place the product near fire, wet areas, or under direct sunlight
  • This has a fragrance that acts as a luring agent.

Each Package Contains:  4 Sheets

Inside the Sheet/urethane, adhesive/ Acrylic Acid, Luring Ingredient/ Fragrance (Food Additive), non-woven fabric/Polypropylene 

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