Mezical Fiber 2

Mezical Fiber 2

Mezical Fiber 2
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Promising to create high impact sharp double eyelids, AB Mezical Fiber 2 ensures that even stubborn heavy double eyelid looks naturally creased under its extra fine fiber! Thin as a thread, it creates long-lasting double eyelids with its strong adhesive force while remaining inconspicuous with or without makeup! Giving droopy eyelids an instant eyelift, this is the bestseller of AB range of double eyelid accessories!

What not to do
- Peel off the eye tape strips with your fingers instead of the shaping stick
- Choose a crease height that is too high and uncomfortable for your eyes to open
- Pulling the eye tape off your skin and stretching your eyelid

 Correct way of tape removal
Use the tip of the shaping stick to flip up the end of the eye tape
- Press one finger on your eyelid near the eye tape
- Gently and slowly peel the eye tape off your eyelid

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