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Beauty blotters rejoice! Finally there is a game-changing tool that allows for precise, cushion blotting on-the-go. Introducing blotterazzi™ by beautyblender®, the first washable, reusable cushion blotter. In the iconic beautyblender®-pink, these blotters are shaped to fit all contours of the face and save you from unused corners like traditional blotting papers. Housed in a sleek, teardrop-shaped compact, blotterazzi™ ensures that oil is gently lifted from the skin without disturbing or absorbing makeup.

Perfect to use as a final touch-up before stepping out, or throughout the day to keep your skin looking picture-perfect. blotterazzi™ uses the same award-winning beautyblender® material that stays “thirsty” when dry and works to quickly absorb excess oils, touch up color and leave skin looking radiant without disturbing your makeup.

Two reusable blotterazzi™ cushion blotters come housed in a chic mirrored compact perfect for fitting in your tote bag or clutch. Its vented back and clear hygienic separator ensures sponge freshness; so wash and dry one while carrying the other with you. Comes with a liquid blendercleanser® packette.

Now you can blot before stepping out of your car, while walking into a meeting, entering a party and more without leaving behind a trail of embarrassing greasy papers.

How to use:
Use Dry. Blot larger areas of the face with the wider side of the egg-shape while using the thinner side on smaller areas. Wash with liquid blendercleanser® or blendercleanser® solid®. Each lasts 60 days with proper cleansing.

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