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Blender Defender

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Beautyblender® Protective Carrying Case

Introducing blender defender, the perfect partner for your beautyblender® sponge.

Inspired by the interlocking sides of a pill cpasule, the portable holder makes storing or carrying your beautyblender on-the-go ultra-easy, protecting it from grime and germs. 

Why to buy: Instead of rolling around in your makeup bag or gathering dust on your vanity, this clever holder protects your beautyblender sponge. Just like a case for your precious phone, this case keeps your beautyblender protected. The ventilated design allows for air circulation so your sponge can dry properly.


How to use:

Step 1: Slip one end of the case off, insert beautyblender.

Step 2: Pop on the other end store and go!

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