Automatic Beauty Cosmetics: Eyebrow Powder

Automatic Beauty Cosmetics: Eyebrow Powder

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Automatic Beauty Cosmetics: Eyebrow Powder
Retail Price: $23.90 (GST Free -7%): $22.34

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Retail Price: $23.90 (GST Free -7%): $22.34
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Adorable leopard prints on the powder of your dual eyebrow/eyeshadow compact!

Use pink/orange as the base colour for your eyebrow shading to make them look more 3D.

Double up as eyeshadow colours and can be used to outline your eyes to make them pop.


- Layer your brows with Base Colour (PINK/ORANGE) for a fun and younger look! Long-lasting powder gives a soft finish.
- Using AB Eyebrow Brush.
- Fill your brows with Base Colour (PINK/ORANGE) by blending from the inner corner towards the outer corner.
- Apply Eyebrow Colour (BROWN) on top of Base Colour (PINK/ORANGE) to shade over till it is fully covered.

Eyeliners and eyebrow liners are always either black or brown, aren’t you bored of these two colours? Fun is here with eyebrow and eyeliner colours in pink and orange!

Automatic Beauty from Japan officially launches its cosmetic line in Singapore. Happy adding colour to your winged eyes and layering your brows! Perfect to go with coloured and ombre hair, not for the plain Jane.

Remember – Be 90% Sweet, 10% Spicy

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