Automatic Beauty Eyelid Tape: Single Eye Tape

Automatic Beauty Eyelid Tape: Single Eye Tape

Automatic Beauty Eyelid Tape: Single Eye Tape
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With its translucent tape that blends with your skin tone naturally, AB Single Eye Tape can create long-lasting deep crease line easily and speedily! Got shaky hands? Thanks to its strong adhesion, you can now easily re-adjust the tape with no fear for wastage!

What not to do
- Peel off the eye tape strips with your fingers instead of the shaping stick
- Choose a crease height that is too high and uncomfortable for your eyes to open
- Pulling the eye tape off your skin and stretching your eyelid

 Correct way of tape removal
Use the tip of the shaping stick to flip up the end of the eye tape
- Press one finger on your eyelid near the eye tape
- Gently and slowly peel the eye tape off your eyelid

Weary of your single eyelid that makes your eyes look small? Do you suffer from puffy or saggy eyelids that make you look tired? Or maybe, you would just like to enhance your thin double eyelids to make them look more prominent in pictures. After all, as the saying goes, ‘Eyes are the window to the soul’. Which girl doesn’t want their eyes to dazzle?

Automatic Beauty(AB) is here to help you attain your ‘Big Eye Dream’! It is endorsed by famous Taiwanese makeup maestro, Kevin Lao Shi, who has done makeup for many celebrities including Zhang Ziyi and Maggie Q. Boasting of six different types of double eyelid accessories, create your own double eyelid crease with AB now to achieve big and beautiful eyes like Kumiko!

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Great for hooded eyelids!
Review by Even on 26 July 2015
I have tried tape, glue, surgical tape, fiber...EVERYTHING but nothing has worked on my stubborn eyelids... Until I found this eye tape!! It's very strong and pushes up the eyelid to create a crease! If you're looking for a more natural look, this one won't be the best choice because it's visible when you close your eyes BUT if you have very stubborn eyelids (like me) this is definitely worth the try!
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